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"Schlesinger" probably sounds like an uncommon name. In any case, there are a few famous ones that you'll recognize:

  • Arthur Schlesinger (Sr. and Jr.): historians
  • John Schlesinger: director
  • Laura Schlessinger: embarrassment (notice the double "s")

Until recently, I smugly assumed that I was the only living Matthew Schlesinger, given the relative rarity of the name (how many Schlesingers do you personally know?). Sadly, I was wrong. There seem to be a few others with the same name. (I would have sorted us alphabetically, but...duh...we have the same first and last names.) By the way, is it a surprise that none of us look alike?...

Can you guess...

  • Which of us has a BA in psychology? (Hint: 3 of us)
  • Which of us has facial hair? (Hint: 3 of us)
  • Who is the oldest Matt? Youngest Matt?
  • Which of us (according to the internet, anyway) is married? (Hint: 3 of us)
  • Which of us wears glasses?