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SIU students walking in the student center

matt headshotMatthew Schlesinger, Lab Director

Dr. Schlesinger's training includes a Ph.D. in developmental psychology (U.C. Berkeley, 1995) and postdoctoral work in computer science and robotics.  As the director of the Vision Lab, Dr. Schlesinger manages a wide array of research projects that investigate visual perception, memory, attention, and visual-motor coordination.

jill headshotJill Mayer, Graduate Researcher

Jill's research interests include object perception, visual attention, and spatial-working memory.  She is currently conducting her dissertation project, which investigates how object representations are created and maintained in the face of competing demands on working memory and visual attention.

bobby headshotBobby Russell, Graduate Researcher

Bobby's work explores the links between visual-motor skill and statistical learning.  His MA project revealed a strong association between action video-game experience and statistical learning.  Bobby is currently planning his dissertation, which will investigate the influence of performance feedback on visual-motor learning.

Ben Huston, Undergraduate Researcher

Ben's senior project explores the relation between mindfulness and focused attention during motor-skill acquisition.  His study examines the question of whether deeply-immersive experiences (such as music, arts, or sports) are associated with an enhanced ability to direct attention toward a narrowly-defined target.

Matthew McGuire, Undergraduate Researcher

Under Bobby's guidance, Matt is conducting a follow-up study that further examines the association between action video-game experience and statistical learning.  In particular, Matt's project employs an artificial-grammar task, which eliminates the influence of speeded responding.

Past Members

joe headshotJoe Geeseman, Ph.D.

Joe received his Ph.D. from the Brain and Cognitive Sciences graduate program in 2012.  His research focus is human perception and performance, with an emphasis on multimodal integration of sensory cues.  He is currently a Naval Aerospace Experimental Psychologist where his research focuses on aviation human factors and the advancement of manned and unmanned flight.

josh headshotJosh Chin, Undergraduate Honors Student

As a member of the Vision Lab, Josh's senior Honors project was not only supported by an SIUC REACH Award, but also had the noteworthy distinction of using neural-imaging methods (i.e., functional MRI) for data collection.  A key finding from Josh's study is that enhanced memory for occluded objects is associated with increased activity in both the occipital and parietal lobes.

eric headshotEric Greenlee, Undergraduate Honors Student

Eric's senior Honors project explored the phenomenon of object feature-binding -- that is, the perceptual process through which various parts of an object (e.g., shape, color, position, etc.) are bound into a coherent perceptual experience.  In particular, his study investigated the influence of spatiotemporal continuity on object perception.  Eric is now working on his doctoral dissertation in cognitive psychology at the University of Alabama.

kim headshotKimberly Bell, Undergraduate Honors Student

Kim's Honors project in the Vision Lab broke new ground, by providing the means to study occluded-motion perception in the MRI scanner.  Supported by an SIUC REACH Award, Kim's study identified the brain areas that support tracking of occluded objects.  After graduating from SIUC, Kim earned her Ph.D. from Howard University in neuropsychology.

matt lancaster headshotMatthew Lancaster, Undergraduate Honors Student

Matt holds the distinction as the first undergraduate Honors student in the Vision Lab. His Honors project examined the perception of causality in elementary-school children.  After graduating from SIUC, Matt earned his Ph.D. in cognitive development from Arizona State University.